WOMENwise is an EARTHwise initiative, founded by Anneloes Smitsman and Justine Page in recognition that women empowerment and feminine leadership is essential to create Thriveable societies where all of us can flourish. WOMENwise for organisations facilitates an important shift in the way we grow and develop our organisations based on feminine wisdom principles and practices. For more information how WOMENwise can support your organisation and support women in leadership positions, click here

The WISEwoman Quest for individuals supports women around the world to discover and actualise their WISEwoman potential in community with others. Here we learn and practice how to become a Custodian, within the Garden of Life, for our collective Thriveability.


WOMENwise – Organisational Development

“If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Women empowerment initiatives are not new. There are many examples around the world that showcase the efforts of companies to make their business more “women friendly & inclusive”. The real shift, however, will not come by increasing the numbers. It happens when we develop true partnership between the feminine and masculine qualities in both women and men! It happens when we integrate and apply feminine wisdom within the design of the structure, governance, and strategies of our companies.

This is what makes WOMENwise unique – our approach, design principles, and strategies are wisdom-based. Wisdom does not divide; it aligns, synergizes, and unites. WOMENwise works with women and men, to provide balance through partnership and co-creative synergy.

When the feminine wisdom can be respected and applied in her rightful role with the masculine wisdom, our World and Future will flourish, and the Good of the Whole will finally be realized.

WOMENwise for organisations provides training for women & men in feminine leadership, and feminine growth & development models. Our emphasis is on the development of relational thinking skills, intuitive intelligence, seeing & acting from wholeness, inclusiveness, responsiveness, reciprocity, and mutuality. We support organizations to become more inclusive and better attuned to feminine qualities and contributions. By co-creating networks, partnership communities and collaboratories based on feminine wisdom principles, WOMENwise acts as a vital support system for women in organisations. This also includes facilitation for better collaboration between men and women.

Through the WISEwoman Quest for individuals, we support women to discover & actualise their WISEwoman potential in community with others. Here we share the teachings and transmissions of Custodianship for Thriveability. More information below.

The WOMENwise Leadership Course is designed for women in Leadership positions to develop their leadership capacity in a feminine wisdom-based way. With guidance on how to apply this systemically at the level of company policies, strategies, and practices.

The course includes three modules – 3 to 6 days total depending on the size of the group and specific needs of each organization.

  • Module 1 – Growth & development models for Thriveability based on   feminine wisdom and eco-systemic principles.
  • Module 2 – Vision Development – Leading from the Future.
  • Module 3 – Relational Intelligence – Developing the relational competencies and practices for Thriveability.

For more information click here to download our WOMENwise presentation for Organisational Development. 

The WOMENwise Empowerment program provides customized support for companies to develop their in-house women empowerment program. This is designed, implemented, and evaluated at the level of company policies, strategies, and practices. The program includes, among others, the WOMENwise Leadership course, WOMENwise Leadership Conversations (also for better communication between women and men), development of Collaboratories & partnerships for thriveability, and executive coaching support for women in senior leadership positions.

What we offer is different from many other women empowerment programs. Our focus is on embedding the feminine wisdom principles within the whole organizational eco-system . Emphasis is on optimisation, inclusiveness, collaboration, synergy, mutuality, and reciprocity. This generates a very different result, compared to the mainstream extractive growth and development models.  ,

The creation of WOMENwise is so incredibly important! If we are going to see progress for humanity, it is only when the female gender is educated, empowered, and free to be the leaders our world so desperately needs.” ~ Rose Trefz, Founder of Worldwide Women’s Support Circle & Global Sisterhood

The WISEwoman Quest

Thank you for your interest the WISEwoman Quest! For those of you who are wondering whether this Quest is for you, I like to share here part of my personal story of what the WISEwoman Quest means to me, and why I am now sharing these teachings here in this form. My journey into the Mysteries of Life started when I was a little girl. From an early age I discovered that Nature has her own language and that this common language allows us to be intimately connected with all living beings. I discovered how this language is deeply encoded in our cellular wisdom and activates by tuning into the Field of Life around us. I also discovered that this sacred Field responds to our intentions, by the way we engage it through our attention and focus. In this sacred Field, I came to play and dream in the Eternal Garden of Life, and would visit the sacred Well and the Living Library to receive the transmissions, blessings, and teachings for actualising our innate wisdom potentials. This helped me to navigate and travel through the various worlds and dimensions of Life, and venture more deeply into the unknown. As I grew older I wanted to explore and understand more consciously the source for these experiences and learn the sacred principles for how to respectfully work with this Field to support a deeper awakening and actualisation of our innate wisdom potentials.

The desire grew in me to understand myself more consciously and through this the purpose for my life. I started to hear the Call of the Quest, and as it grew louder and louder within my own being I started to travel to places and countries where I had never been before. Through these travels I met many amazing teachers from various wisdom traditions. Each would share with me another Key for unlocking the divine encodings within and through me. During this period I came to live in Australia from 1998-2006, during which time I started to learn from and about the Australian Aborigines. Through their tradition and by the power of the Sacred Sites that they had kept intact since the beginning, I received the initiations and transmissions of Custodianhood. It took many more years to fully integrate all that had been shared with me and how to apply this in my life. As my Quest continued and became more integral, I was blessed with the opportunity to also learn from Buddhist, Indian, Native American, Indigenous European, Christian Mystical, and Jewish Kabbalic wisdom teachings and teachers.

Then came the Call of Motherhood, my womb now became my sacred teacher and showed me the power of Life from deep within my inner Well. The path became richer and deeper, and also more challenging. Responsibilities grew and my life-giving powers were called to serve a wider purpose, beyond my personal life and family. The Quest now brought me into dimensions where the implications and applications were from the worlds beyond this time and space. The Call of Priestesshood and the inner workings of the Tree of Life as Temple became louder to the point I simply could not continue the life I had built before in the same way. A difficult choice awaited me. My own transformation was called for, and this required a deep surrender to the nature and purpose of my path. I accepted and renewed my oath to the path I had chosen from long before.

More women were coming, each asking if I could please share the teachings and transmissions with them, and support their rite of passage into WISEwoman Custodianship. I started to share more of my journey with a select group of women around the world. I had not yet created a structure for the sharing of these teachings, even though it was clear this is what many women were looking for. After numerous requests and gentle reminders from my sisters, I then finally accepted it is time now to share these teachings and transmissions with more women around the world. It is thanks to all of you, and in particular my dear sister and WOMENwise Co-Founder Justine Page, that WOMENwise is now born to support each of us to discover and actualise the WISEwoman in us. Click here to read more about my personal story of the WISEwoman Quest.

The WOMENwise Team of Coaches and Custodians is now forming, as we each respond to this Call by bringing to our growing community our gifts of wisdom and love. I serve to this community by sharing with you the WISEwomen Quest. Each of us serves a unique purpose within the whole, and we all support and appreciate each other for our gifts from the Field of Plenty. We are currently developing our website and will then be able to introduce you to these amazing women from around the world and their unique offerings within WOMENwise. If you feel called to join, please get in touch with us. Thank you!

With Love and Blessings, Anneloes 

Founder & CEO EARTHwise Centre | Co-Founder & Custodian WOMENwise

Anneloes Smitsman

Anneloes Smitsman

The WISEwoman Quest – Course Overview


1. The WISEwoman Quest – Learn the ancient wisdom languages and symbols of the WISEwoman Quest, discover your innate wisdom potential, and learn about the Garden of Life.

2. The WISEwoman Vision – Learn about the WISEwoman Vision and how this lives in you, explore and deepen your inner Vision, and learn about our unique evolutionary potentials as women.

3. Hearing the Call from the Well of Life – Learn about the Well of Life and how it calls you, receive your dreams from the sacred Well, and the blessings of the Divine Mother.

4. Entering the Field of Plenty – Prepare to return Home through our common sacred roots, experience the Field of Plenty expressed through your inner wholeness, and learn how to help restore the sacred balance within and between our worlds.

5. Weaving the Future – Learn about our evolutionary potentials for this unique time in our common Story. Receive the wisdom transmissions from our future potentials, and discover your role in weaving the Future from our sacred roots.

6. Sharing the Fruits of the Garden of Life – Harvest and share the Fruits of Wisdom from your rite of passage for the replenishment of our world and future in community with others.

7. Building our Communities – Learn the sacred principles and practices for building conscious loving communities. Connect more deeply with your sisters from around the world, who are with you on this WISEwoman Quest. Apply all that you have learned through innovative projects with ecological solutions for the regeneration, restoration, and healing of our societies and planet.

COURSE DURATION & PATTERN – 7 MONTHS. Each module is shared over a period of 4 weeks, the same pattern repeats for each month. Week 1 of each month – Online teaching call with wisdom transmission is facilitated by Anneloes Smitsman, duration 90 minutes. Week 2 of each month – Mentorship call with Anneloes for questions & answers, to implement the teachings in our daily life, duration 90 minutes. Week 3 of each month – Personal coaching support with our WOMENwise team of coaches, duration 60 minutes personal session (extension is possible on request). Week 4 of each month – Sister call, sharing the journey with each other in small groups online. For information about the costs & to book your place, get in touch with us here with subject “WISEwoman Quest”.



8. WISEwoman Medicine Teachings – Learn the sacred wisdom practices for our conscious evolution and actualisation. Discover your inner medicine and womb wisdom, and how to apply this for the healing and flourishing of our worlds and futures. Receive the WISEwomen Medicine Transmissions to awaken your healing abilities for the good of the whole.

9. Custodianship Practices  – Learn how to apply your wisdom, vision, and skills for the Wellness of All Life. Master your practice to apply the wisdom teachings in every field of Life.

10. Vision Quest – Enter the Dreamtime to receive your personal Vision to further actualise your sacred purpose. This is deep inner transformation work that requires a strong commitment to your inner healing and whole self actualisation. We will support you from the Tree of Life Temple to hold space for you during your personal Vision Quest, and to ensure you can safely surrender to your inner rite of passage. The Vision Quest is facilitated by Anneloes and Justine through an in-person retreat in a beautiful sacred location, where you can enjoy this precious time fully with your fellow sisters on this Quest.



11. The Tree of Life Inner Sanctum – Receive the Tree of Life Sanctum transmissions & initiations. Discover your inner Priestess and learn from the ancient Kabbalah Tree of Life Teachings to further actualise your WISEwoman potential and purpose.

12. The Tree of Life Portals – Learn about the inter-dimensional portals and their role and purpose within the Unified Field of Consciousness. Learn how and when to activate the evolutionary potentials from the Unified Field and how to bring those into form through the elemental wisdoms and with your inner womb wisdom.

13. WISEwoman Custodianship – Receive your Elder rite of passage and enter the Custodianship Council to learn about the right applications of your powers and wisdom for the Good of the Whole. As a WISEwoman Custodian, you can now support from the Tree of Life Inner Sanctum the actualisation of our innate and collective wisdom potentials in the Field of Plenty from the Garden of Life, nourished by the Sacred Well.

We are currently developing our WOMENwise website, with more information. If you like to stay informed, please send us as a message with subject “Join the WISEwoman Quest”.

 The WISEwoman Quest ~ Voices from the Field

“I loved to step into the WISEwoman Quest the moment I heard about it. It meets my desire to work with deeper levels of the soul and the frequencies underlying our lives. I love to work in the unseen reality, but cannot really translate it in human language yet. With this Quest, I know that the sacred part of me will be met in a way that enables me to share my gift with the world and to really feel my joy and power.

I miss the sacred roots in our society and what else can I do than to learn to weave my own potentials in my everyday life and work. I want to create while deepening my inner vision. Anneloes knows how to support my journey in the wonderful fields where there are even still no concepts, there where endless possibilities meet our souls and where our intentions are seeded. That is my ‘Happy Field’.

I am a Custodian of Het Mergelhuys, an old limestone house in the Netherlands, where people can organise training, workshops and meetings. The house has an energy that gives instant relaxation and inspiration. I love to open the doors for the business guests who enjoy the atmosphere. Furthermore, I can increasingly feel the Call to bring into form, together with others, a society where the Heart is central and leading. In such a way that each step that one takes may serve one’s own flourishing as well as the whole. This can be applied to education, care, healing, ecological food production, leadership, and more. The first initiatives are already starting to present themselves now. In this way my role, which first started as a host, is becoming more and more as one of holding space from within the Field – growing into my Custodianship. I contribute to this process with my ability to listen deeply and to sense and empathize through which a fertile soil for such initiatives can grow and blossom.” ~ Ingrid Frints 

Ingrid Frints

Ingrid Frints

WOMENwise Council, Custodian Het Mergelhuys