Anneloes Smitsman, PhD (c), LLM - CEO & Founder

Anneloes is a published researcher, visionary, legal strategist, storyteller, and system developer for transformational change and whole system learning & innovation. Anneloes embodies the process of transformation in her work with people on individual, collective and organizational scales, by creating a culture of openness, trust, and an awakening to the "heart" of what really matters and makes us flourish. She has lived and worked in four different countries - the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and Mauritius. Her book "Love Letters from Mother Earth", published by Waterfront Press, will be available via Amazon in September 2017. 

Anneloes played a key role in various social change movements; providing legal and transformational strategies for how to leverage and unite local efforts with international frameworks through a shared Vision. Examples are: Le Morne UNESCO Maroon Cultural Heritage in the fight against slavery and oppression; Standing Rock and Dakota Access Pipeline; Divestment from Fossil Fuels campaigns; the Bhutan Dialogue to support healing and reconciliation for the Bhutan refugee situation; and the We Stand With Africa campaign to catalyse collective support for the famine crisis.

Anneloes was instrumental in developing the Education for Sustainability programme when she worked as Director at ELIA-Ecological Living In Action Ltd from 2006 to 2015. She continues to lead this programme today from EARTHwise, which has served as a model for implementation of Education for Sustainability into the curriculum and within conventional educational systems in Mauritius.

Since 2007 Anneloes has supported the Maroon Cultural Heritage Process of Le Morne Cultural Landscape (LMCL) in Mauritius. This contributed to LMCL becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Together with local stakeholders and Maroon descendants she has been documenting and sharing the Oral History of this Maroon Heritage to raise awareness and foster social empowerment.  

Since September 2014, Anneloes has been aligning her work in capacity development for Learning Organisations, Innovation and Value Creation with PhD research at the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS), Maastricht University (the Netherlands). From 1998 to 2000, Anneloes conducted PhD research titled "Institutionalising the Future" at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.  Anneloes holds a Masters degree in Law and Political Science from Leiden University (the Netherlands). 

In 2012 Anneloes developed the main methodology for the 2012 Rio+20 Global Dialogues, which was adopted in 9 different countries to feed into the Rio+20 UN Conference. Together with a local team in Mauritius she organised and facilitated over 20 dialogues in 2012 for more than 1000 people.

Her clients include, amongst others, LUX Resorts & Hotels, St Regis Mauritius Ltd, the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MioD), Omnicane, the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), UNESCO, GML Foundation, The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB), Investec Bank Mauritius Ltd, Beauty & Purpose Ltd, Bureau de l’Education Catholique (BEC), Loreto College Curepipe, St Mary’s College Rose-Hill, BPS Fatima College Goodlands, and Westcoast International Primary School.

Anneloes is a MQA (Mauritius Qualification Authority) approved trainer in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership, and Sustainable Development and a Full Coach Member of IOCA. Anneloes is also a fellow and former trainer of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD). She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Education Futures Forum. 

Kurt Barnes, ND, DEA (Histoire University of Paris 8) – Founding Director

Dr. Kurt Barnes is a senior Psychologist with extensive professional experience working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. He is also a Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialisation in psychology, psychotherapy & bio-feedback.  His focus in consulting and coaching is in the area of communication for business management companies, as well as financial services companies.

His rich multi-cultural background enables him to create important bridges of understanding and has made him a well sought-after adviser both in Mauritius and internationally.  Through his advisory functions he consults on communication strategies and change processes which ultimately benefit society as a whole. In 1998 he acted as adviser for UNICEF and the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Development in Mauritius for the implementation of a program to prevent child abuse He was the only male adviser in this function. In 2004 he was Knighted in the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic for his outstanding service.

In his work for organizational development his methodologies and courses ensure that the individual development of the members within the organization receives equal attention to build an organizational culture of empowerment and openness to change.  His focus on working with people is always on empowerment and creating an enjoyable and creative learning and working space, which he finds both professionally and personally fulfilling.

His clients include, amongst others, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Shell, J Kalachand, Mauritius Union Assurance, Swan insurance, Group Mikado, Neetoo Industries, Pallagames, White sand tours, Mauritours, UNICEF, and CITCO. He also serves on various educational and corporate Boards as a Director. Kurt is a MQA (Mauritius Qualification Authority) approved trainer and fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).