Human Development


We are here to support people to safely explore their inner strengths and challenges, heal old wounds and trauma, and unlock and develop the best of our humanity. Our signature training is the “Unlock & Develop your true potential” 6 months training progamme for Learning Organisations.

Our background in psychology, coaching, ancient wisdoms, and transformational change combines the best of our abilities for the greatest benefits. Sessions are available for individuals and organisations. Contact us for more information.


Learning how to relax and release your mind from stress is an essential Life Skill that few people have learned or mastered. Through personalised sessions and for companies we offer training in stress release, relaxation and mindfulness. These essential practices will support you to stay in touch with your inner wisdom and become more integrated in your wholeness.


All of us are born with an inner guidance system – your inner compass. This will help you to navigate through Life and find your way in difficult situations. Although we are all born with an inner compass it is not always accessible to us. Especially during stressful and painful times, it can be difficult to stay in touch with your inner compass.

As coaches and therapists we are here to support you; to find your inner compass and to grow in wholeness form your life experiences.


Conflicts between people can be deeply troubling and stressful for all parties involved. Sometimes an external facilitator is needed to resolve conflicts and disputes. As mediators and facilitators we are able to act in that role to safely hold space for all parties involved and support solutions that all parties can find peace with and perhaps even happiness.


I am very happy with the outcomes of this training. This has enabled our young employees to discover their potential, and develop new skills so as to better face the very demanding day-to day life circumstances, both at the personal as well as the professional working life level.” Patrice Ithier – Manager, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

Even though the training has lasted for only 6 months, it is a teaching that will support me for the rest of my life. I will gladly transmit it to all my surroundings to help them expand and have a blooming personality. The teaching will live in me always!” Jessica, Mauritius Commercial Bank

“The coaching and healing sessions supported my understanding and ability to live my life from a whole self space, as opposed to allowing one aspect to dominate in an unbalanced way. I was taught a simple process for meditation, which I continue to practise to this day. I feel a huge sense of freedom and I am now equipped with some very practical skills that make a real difference in my life, whatever the challenging circumstances I may encounter.” Marianne Anglaret (United Kingdom)

“Through the coaching and healing support I built confidence in myself and the process, and dared to transform deeper layers each time. I was able to heal while also learning how to heal myself, and discovered that within the depth lives the Light. My relationships have become more nourishing and my work more effective.” Ingrid Frints (the Netherlands)

“You are challenged to question your beliefs or misconceptions, which don’t serve you, and prevent you from connecting fully with life. The no nonsense approach helps you to engage with yourself honestly and from a place of deep truth. The support provided is invaluable as you strip away the layers that are holding you back and preventing you from living your fullest life. A space for learning is created that allows you to be in your own power.” Jean Theron (South Africa)

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