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Value creation and value capture is the business and organisational model of the future. This often requires innovation in leadership and transformation of organizational cultures. Leaders who have understood this are moving their organisation to a higher value purpose, and are using value creation and value capture as the focus for achieving this.

The EARTHwise Value Currencies™ have been designed to focus on what we can give, generate, and exchange in order to create experiences of value. Our 33 Value Currencies have been formulated to re-think how we define worth & value, to widen our understanding of transactional currencies, and to measure and make visible what we exchange through our transactions with people. These currencies act as ‘flows’ in the system that help fill the ‘stock’ – the key experiences, like worthiness, happiness, fulfillment, and dignity. By knowing what contributes to the creation of value, we can also understand better the currencies that reduce value – lowering the stock. These are called devalue currencies.

Through our training and coaching programmes, participants learn how to identify, transform and strengthen the Value Currencies™ that are most important to the Value Promise of their organisation. These currencies are tangible qualities of how we relate to someone, which we can give, withhold, or even suppress.


  • Diagnose and make visible the behavioral transactions that take place within and through the organizational culture;
  • Increase value creation competencies;
  • Transform behavioral dynamics that negate the Value Promise;
  • Strengthen leadership skills for greater value creation;
  • Facilitate more consciously organisational change & systemic transformation processes.


  • Improves the quality of relational transactions by making visible what people exchange in their transactions with each other.
  • More impactful and whole-system Value Statement / Value Promise.
  • Better diagnostic & means to evaluate the relational dynamics and competencies within the organisation – strengths & weaknesses.
  • Enhances leadership skills and business strategies for value creation.
  • Improves innovative capacity.


We train Leaders and their teams to further develop their leadership competencies and Strategic Vision. Through Visioning exercises and systems thinking games we playfully challenge Leaders to expand their horizons, move beyond their comfort zone and learn how to embrace change & transformation as a positive growth impulse.

Through our consultancy we assess whether existing leadership models and practices are enabling the organisation to achieve its Vision & Mission in the most ecological and purposeful way.


We support companies to enhance their Corporate Governance. This includes consultancy and training in Strategy Development, Change Leadership, the Learning Organisation model, and governance assessments based on our Value Currencies™ framework.  

We also consult in Brand Development and Conscious Communication to make sure that the in -and out-reach of the organisation is consistent and continues to evolve.


We are living in times of rapid changes. If you want your organisation to sustain and flourish through these increasing changes it will require capacity to innovate your business model and development of learning organisational competencies. A Learning Organisation bases its adaptability and resilience on the learning competencies of its members and stakeholders.

Learning Organisations have specific structures that include; adaptive institutional design, governance systems that continue to evolve and improve through purposeful feedback loop mechanisms, and capacity building initiatives that support the human development of the organisation. Get in touch with us to find out more about our training and consultancy for Learning Organisations.


Organisations are made by People. The success and limitations of an organisation are determined to a large extent by the competencies, attitudes and behaviours of the people who form part of the organisation.

We help you to better understand the system dynamics of your organisational culture. We do so by making visible the archetypes and behavioural patterns through which your organisational culture is formed and sustained.

Through strategic interventions and capacity building initiatives we support the necessary social innovation of your organisation. Through this Social Innovation, your organisation can become a positive Change Catalyst for our Society at large.

We have learned to transform each obstacle and criticism into a new challenge, and we keep faith in a positive outcome.” Zaahirah Hosenbocus – Loreto College Curepipe (LCC), Teacher, Head of Department of Chemistry & EFS Mentor

“We have noted a significant change in the mindset of our pupils and staff, more committed to this just and laudable cause, worth fighting for. Together, we can heal our sick planet.” Jerry Lee Hon Chong – Rector of Loreto College Curepipe (LCC)

“Sustainable development is not the ownership of the rector, nor the teachers or parents. It is the inspiration of the whole school community working together towards a shared goal.” Gérard Yu Tim Lun – Acting Rector St Mary’s College, Rose Hill

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