What We Do


We train leaders in systemic transformation and vision development. We support organisations to enhance & innovate their governance and business models and become Learning Organisations, READ MORE >>

We support people to discover, unlock and develop the best of their potential. Through our coaching and training sessions we build capacity and competencies for our flourishing, happiness, and wellbeing. READ MORE >>

Our Vectors of Love™ Initiatives include: the Visionary Leadership Network, the Compassion Economy, Impact Investment, Future Stewards - Empowering Youth, and Cultural Heritage & Social Change Agency. READ MORE >>

We support the Younger Generations to develop their competencies and Vision as Stewards for our Future. Through our research we document and publish the outcomes of our work. READ MORE >>


We provide services and development systems that bring back the Heart to Organisations and support people to develop the best of their potential. Our experience of having lived and worked in many different cultures enables us to conduct our services with sensitivity and awareness of the complex dynamics that exist in organisational cultures and society at large.

Our clients include, among others:The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB), LUX Resorts & Hotels, St Regis Mauritius Ltd, Investec Bank Mauritius Ltd, the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD), Beauty & Purpose Ltd, Bureau de l’Education Catholique (BEC), Loreto College Curepipe, St Mary’s College Rose-Hill, BPS Fatima College Goodlands, and Westcoast International Primary School,


Our EARTHwise Values & Principles guide how we work and what we do. Our training and coaching programs can be customised to your specific client needs and are eligible for registration with the Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA).  Our commitment is the development of better business practices and corporate governance for a sustainable and flourishing world.