Stories of Impact


Living Wisdom Support

Our beautiful planet sustains us with her love and care in many different ways. There is much we can learn from her if we recognise the Wisdom by which she teaches us through the processes of Life. Mother Earth knows how to balance and renew herself. This same power...

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When Ball is Life

It all started with the burning desire to learn and play the game of basketball. Born on the island of Seychelles, I moved to Mauritius during my early years. I remember when I was a child, cable TV was not available at that time. We had only one channel being...

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Art for Social Change

A few weeks ago we had the most inspiring talk by Alex Mativo, Founder & CEO of E-LAB and student at the African Leadership University (ALU). As part of our Education for Sustainability (EfS) programme we invited Alex to St Mary’s College Rose-Hill, one of...

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