Awakening the Heart

of our Humanity


Our world is changing. How does this impact you and your organisation? 

We empower people to unlock and develop their potential, and transform organisations to become Learning Organisations.

Through strategic leadership, by raising standards, and with our Value Currency tools for business we catalyse social innovation, value creation, and entrepreneurship.  

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We support people to discover, unlock and develop the best of their potential. Through our coaching and training sessions we build capacity and competencies for our flourishing, happiness, and wellbeing. READ MORE >>

Our Vectors of Love™ Initiatives include: the Visionary Leadership Network, the Compassion Economy, Impact Investment, Future Stewards - Empowering Youth, and Cultural Heritage & Social Change Agency. READ MORE >>

We support the Younger Generations to develop their competencies and Vision as Stewards for our Future. Through our research we document and publish the outcomes of our work. READ MORE >>

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Our Values & Principles are founded on what we consider the Heart of our Humanity. We actively apply this in how we work and what we do. This also guides our communication and selection for purposeful synergies and meaningful collaborations. READ MORE >>



“Each of us can become a Vector of Love.  You can start by asking these three fundamental questions:

  1.  What do I reach from – what is my point of origin?
  2. How far can I reach inside and outside myself – what is the magnitude of my reach?
  3. What am I reaching for & to – what is the direction of my reach?

All of us are faced with the same choice when confronted by fear, pain and conflict – do we close down or open to our humanity? By reaching in and out from a place of Love for each other, building bridges and keeping our focus on what truly matters, we become the Vectors of Love by which we support our world through and out of this crisis. Thank you”. – Anneloes SmitsmanEARTHwise CEO & Founder, TEDx ALC 2016

Music education for Social Change

This article has been created to showcase how Music Education can be a powerful catalyst for positive Social Change. Through this interview with José Thérese, Director of Atelier Mo’zar, School of Music, the reader learns of the amazing ways that Mr Thérese has used...

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Unlearning to learn anew

‘Systems Thinking’ Only a couple of months ago this concept was unknown to me but now I am striving to wrap my consciousness round this notion. I felt quite disappointed in myself, for someone who prided in thinking outside the box and adhering to non-conformity, as I...

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Social Innovation and the Arab Spring

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin’s comments are perhaps more relevant now than ever before; adaptation to change is at the centre of building resilience for...

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The power of Love is activated and realised by the very context that requires its application. The crisis of our humanity provides the context and impulse for our awakening.

“I am very happy with the outcome of this training. This has enabled our young employees to discover their potential, and develop new skills so as to better face the very demanding day-to day life circumstances, both at the personal as well as the professional working life level.” Patrice Ithier – Manager, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“This session has been constructive in a way that I have been able to learn more about myself. The keys to unlock my true potential. I have learned about being a leader, mistakes of leaders, and the role of leaders.” Jessica, M.V, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“We have noted a significant change in the mindset of our pupils and staff, more committed to this just and laudable cause worth fighting for.” Jerry Lee Hon Chong – Rector of Loreto College Curepipe (Mauritius)

“The no nonsense approach helps you to engage with yourself honestly and from a place of deep truth. The support provided is invaluable as you strip away the layers that are holding you back and preventing you from living your fullest life.”  Jean Theron (South Africa)

“This course will enable the young of today to be aware of their potential and improve their life as a whole. It fills the gap where their education and upbringing has missed out on the development of these important ‘soft skills’.” Management TeamMauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“The professional coaching support was adapted to many dimensions of my life.The handling of energy in a positive way transformed, improved and aligned my purpose in life. A trusted and reliable mentoring program that cares not only for oneself, but also the people and the planet. I highly recommend the EARTHwise coaching programs.” Karen Alexandre (Mauritius)

“The coaching enhanced my understanding and ability to live my life from a whole self space, as opposed to allowing one aspect to dominate in an unbalanced way. I appreciated the way in which I was encouraged to connect with, and follow my own inner wisdom instead of relying upon the guidance or opinions of others.” Marianne Anglaret (United Kingdom)

“The wisdom, dedication and unwavering support provided led me to experience a total transformation, awakening me to my potential and the realisation of my own deep connection to Spirit. Using her extraordinary intuition, unfailing wisdom, patience and clarity Anneloes is a healer and a teacher of the highest caliber.” Sally Theron (South Africa)

“I was able to transform those deeper layers, which alone I was not able to reach. With respect for me and together with me we went to the source of a problem. Through the coaching sessions I was able to heal while also learning how to heal myself.” Ingrid Frints (the Netherlands)