Our Values & Principles


  • Integrity – transparency, honesty, diligence and accountability are our foundations for how we conduct our work and build relationships.
  • Inclusiveness – compassion and understanding of the deeper wisdom of life ensures that everyone matters and is supported through our services and practices.
  • Care – listen with empathy, observe with compassion and respond respectfully by applying love for the developmental and transformational processes that we support.
  • Generosity – appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude for everyone’s role involved in the systemic transformations.


  • We are a learning organization – all our team members share the same commitment to ongoing whole self learning and development as the process for how we actualise our commitment to bring forth the best of our abilities and live by our values.
  • Continuous evaluation – we evaluate our activities and each other. We actively seek for feedback as input to our learning and development, which is essential as a learning organisation. We give and allocate time and resources for reflection and introspection as part of our evaluation process through our Earthwise retreats.
  • Custodianship – we act as custodians for the wisdom and its implementation in society to ensure that our human activities become ecologically sustainable and can contribute to the flourishing of people, planet and the future generations. As Custodians we acknowledge and honour what has been entrusted to us to hold in care  for the wellbeing of all Life.
  • A living shared Vision – we understand that a Vision needs a process that brings people together to imagine, to envision and to dream. This process is not only what we teach others, it is also what we apply to ourselves first of all. As such we ensure that our Earthwise Vision is a living vision that continues to deepen, expand, and refine through the shared experiences and ongoing learning processes of all within the Earthwise Community.
  • We celebrate our people and give back -we operate as a circular economy, which means that we give back, replenish and revitalise our human and natural resources and the conditions for both to ensure that the Well never becomes depleted. We operate as a living eco-system in which all members are honoured for their contributions and purpose.