Vectors of Love Initiatives



All our initiatives are guided by three fundamental questions, which are explained during the recent TEDx talk of our EARTHwise Founder & CEO, Anneloes Smitsman.

  1.  What do I reach from – what is my point of origin?
  2. How far can I reach inside and outside myself – what is the magnitude of my reach?
  3. What am I reaching for & to – what is the direction of my reach?

Through the Vectors of Love™ Initiatives we work on the practical applications of these questions for the deeper transformation and healing of our world. These questions also help us to determine the impact of our actions & interactions.

By building bridges and keeping our focus on what truly matters, we facilitate win-win solutions and foster social innovation.


Cultural Heritage Empowerment is essential for Social Change in society. Many people are not aware of their ancestral roots and their Cultural Heritage. We have been working for several decades in Mauritius to help raise awareness about this. Since 2007 we have been directly involved in the Le Morne Cultural Heritage (LMCL) process by documenting the Maroon Oral History and providing critical input  for the inscription of LMCL as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The following stories that we have published explain more about this:

  1. A Trilogy – 1. The Fall & the Maroon Queen
  2. A Trilogy – 2. Lost in Paradise, the Maroon Quest

The Maroon Academy of Being (TMAOB) – TMAOB provides a strategic Vision and empowerment programmes for linking economic, cultural, and psycho-ecological development of the people and their environments related to Le Morne Cultural Landscape (LMCL), among others. The TMAOB activities build on the proper development and transmission of the unique maroon heritage of Mauritius in a manner that is inclusive and respectful of the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Mauritius.

TMAOB acts as an important bridge between people, communities, and sectors in the LMCL region to develop a shared vision and the necessary competencies and capacity building required for actualizing this vision. Accordingly TMAOB, through EARTHwise Centre, provides the necessary leadership and capacity building for LMCL to become a true testimony of a World Cultural Heritage Site that empowers people and their respective communities, in an ecologically sustainable manner


One of our signature Educational Initiatives is the Education for Sustainability programme, which was initially developed by ELIA-Ecological Living In Action in partnership with the Catholic School Network in Mauritius, the BEC. Since July 2015 EARTHwise became the manager for this programme. Through this programme the younger generations are supported to develop sustainability competencies, integrated thinking skills, relational competencies, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurship.

This programme has been implemented in Loreto College Curepipe, St Mary’s College Rose-Hill, and BPS Fatima College Goodlands, Mauritius, since 2011. For more information visit our Education for Sustainability Platform. 


WOMENwise was founded by Anneloes Smitsman and Justine Page in recognition that women empowerment and feminine leadership is essential to create Thriveable societies where all of us can flourish. WOMENwise for organisations facilitates an important shift in the way we grow and develop our organisations based on feminine wisdom principles and practices. The WISEwoman Quest for individuals supports women around the world to discover and actualise their WISEwoman potential in community with others.


One of our core commitments is to support the development of “The Compassion Economy”. The Compassion Economy is founded on humane and ecological principles and values that support our flourishing, happiness and wellbeing. Underlying these principles and values is the understanding that we can only thrive with our Planet and by honouring the Living Systems on which we depend.

We have developed the Value Currencies™ tools to make visible the real values in our transactions, exchanges and relationships. We apply this tool with business to evaluate and enhance their governance and measure more of their real impacts on society, people and environment.


Our many years of working in Mauritius has shown us that there is a gap between companies willing to invest and required to spend their CSR and CSI funds, and the non-profit entities eligable to receive these funds. The recipient organisatoins often lack in the necessary capacity and governance to ensure that funding leads to the required and envisioned impacts.

We are initiating the development of Impact Investment Capacity Development Platforms with our partners and clients.


Get in touch with us here if you like to get involved or would like to book us for a talk or presentation about our Vector of Love™ Initiatives,. We also welcome interviews to help share news of these Initiatives.

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“Let us join hands, as Vectors of Love, for the transformation and healing of our World and Future.”

Anneloes Smitsman

CEO & Founder