We have recently launched a new initiative called WOMENwise. Part of this initiative is the WISEwoman Quest, to inspire and empower women around the world to discover and actualise their WISEwoman potential in community with others. Through this article, I like to share with you a personal story of what the WISEwoman Quest means to me, and why I am now sharing these teachings with my fellow sisters around the world.

Some of my brothers have asked me if I, or our team, can also share something similar for them. I appreciate very much that request; “MENwise” is something that we may launch later as well. For now, I just like to share with my brothers that as part of the WISEwoman Quest we will deeply honour the masculine in each of us, as well as the partnership relationship between the sacred masculine and feminine principles within ourselves and in all living beings.

How the WISEwoman Quest began for me

Chrysalis by Jacob De Kilwinning

My journey into the Mysteries of Life started when I was a little girl. From an early age I discovered that Nature has her own language and that this common language allows us to be intimately connected with all living beings. I discovered how this language is deeply encoded in our cellular wisdom and activates by tuning into the Field of Life around us.

I also discovered that this sacred Field responds to our intentions, by the way we engage it through our attention and focus. In this sacred Field, I came to play and dream in the Eternal Garden of Life, and would visit the sacred Well and the Living Library to receive the transmissions, blessings, and teachings for actualising our innate wisdom potentials. This helped me to navigate and travel through the various worlds and dimensions of Life, and venture more deeply into the unknown.

As I grew older I wanted to explore and understand more consciously the source for these experiences, and learn the sacred principles for how to respectfully work with this Field to support a deeper awakening and actualisation of our innate wisdom potentials.

Receiving the Call of the Quest

Kata Tjuta, Australia

The desire grew in me to understand myself more consciously and through this the purpose for my life. I started to hear the Call of the Quest, and as it grew louder and louder within my own being I started to travel to places and countries where I had never been before. Through these journeys, I met many amazing teachers from various wisdom traditions. Each shared with me another Key for unlocking the divine encodings within and through me.

I lived in Australia from 1998-2006 and during this time I learned in-depth from and about the Australian Aborigines. Through their teachings and the sacred sites where I received some of my initiations, I felt like I finally came home. Their teachings and understandings of the Dreamtime and the Spirit of the Land confirmed for me what I had felt and seen since I was little, yet had no conceptual language then for explaining this to others. It is from them that I learned about Custodianship and what it means to become a WISEwoman. Their understanding of our intrinsic wholeness, unity, and interdependence was for me the missing piece I had been looking for while growing up in Western societies. I have shared some of their teachings in my article The Wisdom of Kanyini – Love with Responsibility. 

Butterflies Gown by Jimmy Lawlor

Furthermore, my earlier experiences within the Garden of Life, the Field of Plenty, and the sacred Well became even more vivid and powerful. Through their sacred sites, which they had kept alive and active as the living portals within the Unified Field, I would enter the eternal dimensions and remember deeply my own sacred path and purpose. As part of my initiations from the Rainbow Serpent, a deep process of deconstruction and dissolution of my former beliefs and identifications started. It was not an easy time and I had chosen a path that was unconventional for many. Whereas most of my friends were working or studying, I spent my time in meditation for most of the days and in Nature to receive the inner teachings and give space to this process.

I knew intuitively that I had to allow this process to unfold by its own rhythm, yet outwardly it was very hard to explain to others why I could not follow the path many had expected me to take. I had received a very good scholarship, for which I will always remain grateful, to do my Ph.D studies at the Australian National University. My research involved the comparative study of various indigenous knowledge systems and compare those with our modern philosophical systems, to see how this could be applied to institutional design for the future. During those days integral research was not yet common. In my heart I wanted to explore these questions experientially, and not academically.

Uluru, Australia

My attention was called inward and in Nature more and more. After two years it became incompatible for me to walk both paths. I had to make a choice. I stopped my Ph.D and dedicated my life full-time to my inner Quest. It took many more years to fully integrate all that had been shared through my initiations and by learning from the oldest culture in the world.  I was supported on this path by a WISEwoman, who was then my teacher and mentor. She opened me to many of the sacred teachings and had herself been initiated by the Australian Aborigines who lived around Uluru and Kata Tjuta. I am grateful for all she taught me as she catalysed my growth and inner awakening. During this same time my healing abilities also actualised further, which brought me into close contact with the systemic causes of our collective pain and suffering.

As my Quest continued and deepened, I also had the opportunity to learn from Buddhist, Indian, Native American, Indigenous European, Christian Mystical, and Jewish Kabbalic wisdom teachings and teachers. I received various initiations, teachings, and transmissions also through these systems. All this contributed to what I am able to share today with others. My Quest finally brought me home to my own sacred roots through my ancestral heritage, when my journey into Priestesshood from the Tree of Life began together with my partner.

The Tree of Life inner Temple

In 2008 came the Call of Motherhood, my womb now became my sacred teacher and showed me the power of Life from deep within my inner Well. The path became richer and deeper, and also more challenging. Responsibilities grew and my life-giving powers were called to serve a wider purpose, beyond my personal life and family. The Quest now brought me into dimensions where the implications and applications were from the worlds beyond this time and space.

The Call of Priestesshood and the inner workings of the Tree of Life Temple became louder to the point I once again had to make a very difficult decision. My own transformation was again called for and through this an even deep surrender to the nature and purpose of my path. I accepted and renewed my oath to the path I had chosen from long before.

WISEwoman Custodianship

As the commitment to my sacred path deepened and expanded, more women were coming. They were each asking if I could please share the teachings and transmissions with them to support their rite of passage into WISEwoman Custodianship. I started to share more of my journey with a select group of women around the world, privately. I had not yet created a structure for the sharing of these teachings publicly, even though it was clear this is what many women (and men) were looking for.

I was concerned what might happen by sharing more publicly my own WISEwomen Custodianship Quest and the teachings and initiations. Yet after numerous requests and synchronicities, I came to realise that it was time now to share this more publicly, irrespective of the risks this may carry for myself personally and professionally. My dear sister Justine Page, joined me as she recognised more clearly her own Call and purpose in WOMENwise. Together we started to form WOMENwise as a shared commitment to support each of us to discover and actualise the WISEwoman within.

The WOMENwise Council

The WOMENwise Council and our team of WOMENwise Mentors are now forming, as we each respond to this Call by sharing our gifts of wisdom and love within this growing community. I serve to this community by sharing with you the WISEwomen Quest & the sacred codes for the Councils. Each of us serves a unique purpose within the whole, and we all support and appreciate each other for our gifts from the Field of Plenty.

The role of the WOMENwise Council is to support humanity during this challenging time by holding space from the Field of Plenty and the Well of Life for our collective rite of passage. To birth, nurture, curate, and steward together the projects and initiatives that contribute to our ecological growth and collective flourishing. Through the WOMENwise Council, we meet and decide together how we can best serve our WOMENwise Custodianship within the Garden of Life.

Love Letters from Mother Earth 

In the beginning of 2016, I asked Mother Earth what it is that she can share with us, as our planetary Mother, to support us through our collective rite of passage. The reply to this question came in the form of 13 Letters, which became the book Love Letters from Mother Earth. In this book you find many of the teachings that I will share and transmit through the WISEwoman Quest. To complete this article I like to share the following passage with you, in the voice of Mother Earth:

“The wisdom of Life is such that it naturally restores each being to their wholeness. This process of deconstruction, transmutation, and re-birth is part of that wisdom process. Even when we are not consciously initiating this journey ourselves, our life experiences will trigger this process when our development becomes too blocked or constrained. The first signals for this may come in the form of certain life experiences, which bring up the deeper questions about the meaning of our life and why this is happening.

What is shared here is like a living map to help you navigate the inner worlds. This provides you with some more clues to help you trust that there is deep wisdom behind our life experiences. This wisdom is from the Eternal. Yet for this wisdom to become known and realized, it requires certain life experiences in our temporal worlds. ..At each gate of the under-world, there is a trial, quest, or challenge, which acts as an initiation for actualizing more of our wisdom potential.

The catalyst for this process often comes in the form of particular life experiences that prompt a process of inner enquiry. This rite of passage can also be triggered through the help of a teacher, a mentor, or a guide. Sometimes our dreams are the portals into this journey. It can also happen as a result of your own reflections. The journey can be gentle, and it can be severe. We don’t always know the form it will take.

Your approach and attitude throughout this process influences how you experience what is happening. The more you are able to embrace and trust in the underlying wisdom, the easier it will be to move through these rites of passage with grace and Love.” Source: Letter 6 – Entering the Seven Gates of the Dark GoddessLove Letters from Mother Earth, pp.44-45

How you can join 

There are various pathways for joining our WOMENwise community and initiatives. You can start by having a look at our WISEwoman Quest, which consists of 13 levels and unfolds through three stages. We are currently developing our WOMENwise website, which will provide more information on ways you can join and share your gifts and skills from the Field of Plenty. If you know of other women who may benefit from these teachings it would be great if you can share this article with them, and through your network.

Feature image – the “Sword Dance”, by Jia Lu.

Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D(c), LLM) is the CEO & Founder of EARTHwise Centre and Co-Founder & Custodian of WOMENwise.