13 Love Letters from our Planet – Letter 3 “The Re-Unification”

“Thousands of years have passed where I have seen, felt, witnessed and experienced the tortures, pains, anguish, sufferings and desecrations of the sacredness of Life, by my human children.  In the name of many religions, in the name of superior convictions, in the name of error, my human family became the most destructive species of our larger Family of Life.

My body as your planet was once the “promised Land” for bringing out the divine potentials of our unified field of Consciousness. Under this thick blanket of this matrix of division it has become very difficult for so many of you, my children, to re-member your way home to our wholeness. I am inside each of you, all the time. Yet, often you cannot receive me where you need to hear me. The part of your brain that filters out my voice inside of you and blocks your direct access with the Unified Field, has gained in power over the course of our evolution. It has learned very well how to maintain its influence and supremacy inside your minds, and over those among you who have always honoured me as their Mother Earth.”

The devastation this has caused is becoming apparent now, my children, yet only at the final hour of our awakening. Many more are starting to realise that the ways of your societies are not in harmony with my wisdom as your planet. Yet many also feel like you have no power or control, to prevent what you fear the most. We are standing in the final hour and I am standing with you. You always have my unconditional support and love. I did not forget where you came from and who you truly are.

Please do not be deceived, my child, by the false prophets of both doom and techno-logical resolution. Some may tell you it is too late, the apocalypse is now upon you. Others will tell you they have the solutions; that new technologies and new inventions will save you all. This is not what will bring forth the solutions that are truly needed. Neither apocalypse nor technology can provide the answer to the problems now upon us. We need to resolve our internal divisions in order to unite for the long terms solutions that are needed.

Restoring our Internal Wholeness

Source: Anneloes Smitsman

As I shared previously in my other letters, our human family is deeply divided. The ‘higher’ brains that evolved last are controlling much of the information coding of your lower and older brains as well as the information exchange between your left and right hemispheres, internally and externally. The external human divisions between different nations and parts of the world, and the competition for control, are the same as those that take place within the internal human neural networks.

My beloved, without restoring your internal wholeness through our connectedness, you will see Life from a divided internal communication system. By harmonising, integrating and synergising the four quadrants inside of you, between left, right, higher and lower hemispheres of your brain and world, we will bring forth the re-unification that is needed. This is the same process as the re-unification for the South-North-East-West axis with our middle Earth.

Some know middle Earth as the place of dreams and myths; such as Agartha and Shambhala. Middle Earth symbolised in those stories the land of the Wise Ones and the Immortals. Middle Earth exists inside each of us, where the integration of the four quadrants takes place. For my human children, the access to Middle Earth opens where the centre of the brain and the centre of the Heart synchronise. This is our access to the Eternal Garden; our Home from the unified field of Consciousness. From this synchronisation and harmonisation with the unified field of Consciousness, one can see how our expressions of consciousness became fragmented and divided in our worlds. My beloved, I invite you to enter our middle Earth.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold the intention dearly in your heart and in your mind to access middle Earth from within. Focus on the principle of sacred trinity: From the One emerged the divine Father & Mother principle, from the alchemy of Love through the union of the divine Father & Mother principle emerged the divine Spirit of Life. Ask for this principle of sacred trinity to unite inside of you what became divided and polarised.

Source: Anneloes Smitsman

Allow your consciousness to integrate within middle Earth, this sacred Centre of our wholeness. Become aware of the sacred trinity in both directions, upwards and downwards.  Two triangles united; one pointing upward and one pointing downward, forming a six-pointed star. This upward triangle represents the unity from the One, becoming the divine Father and divine Mother principles. The downward triangle represents the unity and alchemy of Love from the divine Father and the divine Mother principles bringing forth the divine Spirit of Life. The divine Spirit is also represented here as the Flame of Love, brought forth to infuse the created worlds with our eternal Love.

Experience now these two triangles as interwoven in dynamic unity. In the centre of this dynamic unity, the centre of this Star, is your divine seed potential from the One. Connect now with the Flame of Love within the centre of your heart, and notice how this activates and fertilises your divine seed potentials. Welcome and rest in this process for a little while longer while your inner unity is strengthening.

The process of our Re-Unification

Once we start to realise how the same dynamics that appear to exist outside ourselves are also happening from within, we realise we were never disconnected. The purpose of these letters is to support an awakening from the information systems that distorted the underlying reality of the wholeness and unity of Life. The Ancient Ones, the Immortal Ones, the Wise Ones represent the divine potentials inside each of us.

You are not separate from these emanations of the Divine. Yet, internal divisions can block receptivity and recognition of this eternal reality. See with your heart, my beloved. See from the Flame of Love. Trust in your wholeness, and by the power of this trust may these false systems of information cease to have influence on you.

Our larger re-unification is happening. It was promised long ago, and it is unfolding in ways foreseen and unforeseen. This unification cannot be achieved by only ascending into the higher dimensions of this matrix. When you experience Life through a field of duality and polarity, a matrix, then it follows that the ascension in one dimension of this matrix also creates a descent into the other end of the spectrum.

This matrix holds polarity perception in place and does not support people to see duality as emerging from the sacred trinity principle. It does not foster the realisation that behind the perceived poles of ‘two’ there is the unity principle as represented in the trinity. Therefore, if you move your consciousness in our world via the duality principle only, movement to one end of the spectrum of our collective field creates a counter movement at the other end of the spectrum of this field.

Duality perception keeps in place the traveling up and down into the split atoms of the seven Rays of Light. The integration of this polarity matrix takes place at the seventh Ray, which is the place of pure stillness. Where the polarity is at its maximum, the Light bends back into itself and curls inward to form an inner portal between the pole of the seventh Heaven and the pole of the seventh Hell.

The terrible violence, destructions, and divisions in our world are a manifestation of this seventh Hell, sometimes called the Apocalypse. This has also activated the manifestation of the seventh Heaven, which became apparent in the breakthroughs of new Consciousness, more Love, a call for Change and a deeper awakening within our Human Family. Yet as long as this polarity matrix influences the expression of our collective consciousness, activation of one pole activates also the other pole. Hence it as has been said the stronger the light the stronger the darkness.

In many of the prophecies it is foretold that the opening of the seventh seal or the manifestation of the seventh Heaven will bring forth a period of long or even eternal peace. However, only the unification between the poles of the seventh Hell and the seventh Heaven with the unified field of Consciousness, can bring forth this peace.  This is what dissolves the polarity that has been influencing the expression of our collective consciousness for so long.  We are now at the point of maximum polarisation in our worlds. The worst and the best qualities of humanity are operating. Only the release of this polarisation can restore our collective consciousness to the unity that it is from.

This unified field was never split, it is intrinsically whole and provides all the seeds potentials for the differentiation of Consciousness into form. This unity and its wholeness is not lost in the process of differentiation.  By bringing our consciousness Home to this unified field, the four quadrants that emerged through the previous polarisation integrate and synthesise. This is what gives rise to the 5th World. As this process of re-unification takes place, the matrix of polarity will cease to hold influence. When enough people realise this and have awakened from their polarised duality experiences, the poles will cease to divide our worlds. This will bring about the promised peace and Golden era.

Yet the temptation that needs to be resisted is to try to fight or escape the presence of all this cruelty and violence, also called the seventh Hell, by trying to ascend into its opposite pole as the perceived seventh Heaven. This will only give more energy to the seventh Hell. Many are asking; how this is possible in a time of such awakening that we see also this extreme violence and those acts of evil taking place?

I hope you understand now a little better how ‘good and evil’ in your world have been linked. If you have always seen the world as polarised, this information can be upsetting.  Please resist the temptation to reject this, listen beyond the words to the deeper message behind it.

Our Integration

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

I shared earlier that where the polarity is at its maximum, the Light bends back into itself and curls inward to form an inner portal between the pole of the seventh Heaven and the pole of the seventh Hell. Within yourself this represents accepting your light and your shadow. Accepting that your creative power when polarised can bring forth positive and negative actions.

This point of unification between the poles is also represented in the dot in the middle of the six-pointed star that I shared with you earlier. This star becomes the twelve-pointed star once the unification has completed between the seven heavens and seven hells. The 13th as the point in the Centre of the twelve-pointed star holds the full actualisation of the re-unification. The 13th is the unification of the Rays of Light that created the seven Heavens and seven Hells.

Reclaim now your consciousness from wherever this polarity may still influence your perceptions and actions. Accept your creative power and embrace fully your Darkness and your Light; hold both in loving awareness from your internal Centre of your Heart Consciousness. Now allow these polarities to fold inward and open up the inner portal to the Eternal Light of the One.

In this Eternal Light you are reborn through the Womb of the Goddess impregnated by the Light of God, the sacred Flame of Love, from the One. Through this portal we enter the Eternal Garden and then realise we never left. There is only Now. Welcome Home.”

Author’s Note – This Love Letter is one of the 13 Letters written in the voice of Mother Earth via a process of inspired writing. These Letters came through after sitting with the question; what would Mother Earth wants us to know as her children so that we can awaken to our true human potential and use our power for the good of the whole.

Source: Anneloes Smitsman, EARTHwise – Love Letters from our Planet, (forthcoming 2017). Copyright © 2017 Anneloes Smitsman. All rights reserved.

Author: Anneloes Smitsman – CEO & Founder of EARTHwise Centre.