The Education for Sustainability programme is one of our signature educational programmes for empowering Youth. The programme was was initially developed by ELIA-Ecological Living In Action in partnership with the Catholic School Network in Mauritius, the BEC. In July 2015 EARTHwise became the manager for this programme. Through this programme the younger generations are supported to develop sustainability competencies, integrated thinking skills, relational competencies, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurship.

This programme has been implemented in Loreto College Curepipe, St Mary’s College Rose-Hill, and BPS Fatima College Goodlands, Mauritius, since 2011. The programme is open to all schools in Mauritius and aims to innovate and transform the educational systems through EfS via a whole curriculum based approach.

Schools are supported to become Learning Organisations for sustainability and curriculum subjects are linked together through common themes that address the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Teachers and students are also trained in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics and learn to work with Causal Loop Diagrams and Behaviour-over-time Graphs to graphically map out the many interwoven issues and complexities of sustainability.

For more information visit our Education for Sustainability Platform. 


Documenting & Sharing lessons learned

EFS special edition - Journal SAP (2014)Through our research we document and publish the lessons learned and emerging best practices related to: creating Learning Organisations, initiating Education for Sustainability in conventional educational systems, systemic barriers for change and transformation, and finding leverage points within the system for the deeper transformation of Organisational Cultures.

Our research also includes mapping out of Cultural Heritage Archetypes and the interventions for Social Innovation that address this. Human societies are deeply divided and in most cases historical roots for these divisions continue to create the problems of today.

Our research projects concerning Maroonage cultures in Mauritius, is centred around the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Le Morne Mountain Cultural Landscape.

Through our research we raise awareness of these issues and use the research outcomes for our Social Change Agency, which is part of our Vectors of Love™ Initiatives.