The Catalyst Series

portailThe Catalyst Series is a three stage transformational learning journey that can be followed through individual personalised training sessions or as a group. These workshops are available in-person in Mauritius or via skype coaching sessions from anywhere in the world. The Catalyst Series was developed by Anneloes Smitsman in 2011 to catalyse and further support people in their personal development, self actualisation and wisdom development.

Through this training you receive essential wisdom teachings and practices for navigating through times of inner and outer change. By working with these wisdom teachings we can face even the most difficult times and develop our capacity to transform challenges into opportunities for our personal and collective growth. Encoded in each experience is a deeper wisdom. The key for accessing this wisdom lives inside of you, encoded within your own consciousness. The Catalyst Series teaches you how to recognise the language of this encoding through your self actualisation process, and in partnership with Life.

“Her profound wisdom, dedication and unwavering support led me to experience a total transformation, awakening me to my potential and the realisation of my own deep connection to Spirit. Her ability to see energy and perform such powerful healing sessions during the course has certainly been the catalyst for this complete metamorphosis. After experiencing such a profound personal transformation under the guidance of Anneloes and her Awakening the Creative Self Course I had felt no hesitation in then enrolling for the Personal Mastery course and that too has surpassed my very highest expectations. The degree of personal empowerment, connection, expansion and unity I now feel is amazing. I can only thank Anneloes from the bottom of my heart for what she has done for me and say to anyone who is considering embarking on this journey with her, to take the first step with confidence, knowing that you are in the hands of a master who will expertly guide you to spiritual enlightenment and personal mastery. Using her extraordinary intuition, unfailing wisdom, patience and clarity Anneloes is a healer and a teacher of the highest caliber.”

Sally Theron

South Africa and Mauritius

“Being with Anneloes on the “Awakening the Creative Self” course has been a beautiful experience and a lifelong teaching. The course has helped me to uncover a dimension of unity between myself and other life. It has taught me to respond to life with insight, emotion and sensation, thus enabling me to meet the challenges and demands of my life with a sense of being real and experiencing life as it really is. Anneloes is an inspiring person and a remarkable coach, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to learn from her.”

Rubyna Boodhoo


“Awakening the Creative Self” helped me to change deep seated habit-patterns that no longer serve me and enabled me to step forward into who I really am. Going through each stage of the process has allowed me to really get to know a much deeper part of myself and to understand how life supports me as I support life. Anneloes is a profoundly intuitive facilitator and works with the utmost integrity. The training has been an amazing learning and healing experience and I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to be part of the programme. Working with Anneloes is a gift I will always treasure. I highly recommend the training to anyone who is interested in the journey of self-discovery.”

Adrienne Shall

South Africa

“The course literally transformed my life. It takes you on a journey back to yourself and your truth. You reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself and learn to co-create your life in harmony. It serves as framework with which to better understand life, and bring you directly in contact with it. The course is transformative in itself however I believe Anneloes masterfully assists you so that the transformation isn’t something that happens to you, it is You.”

Jean Theron

South Africa


  • Module 1 – Awakening the Creative Self: 5 x 2 hours individual or group training sessions.
  • Module 2 – Personal Mastery: 5 x 2 hours individual or group training sessions.
  • Module 3 – Custodianship: 3 days retreat.


This training unfolds through a series of five lessons – Purpose, Awakening, Embodiment, Ecological Living, and the Call. The training sessions are two hours; an energy healing session or meditation session of 30 minutes is optional and can be included as part of the two hours for those who want to go deeper. Lesson materials with videos, practices and exercises are sent via email two weeks prior to each training session. The Time-interval between each lesson is about 2 to 3 weeks, and can be adjusted according to each person’s needs. Email support is available in-between training sessions. For more information click here to download the course introduction.


Lesson 1 – Purpose: Explore the context of your personal development at this unique time in our human story. Learn about the process of conscious evolution and how this relates to your purpose. Explore the purpose of your life and the wisdom potentials in each of your life experiences. Experience and explore what conscious living is all about and gain clarity about the changes and transformations that you need to make for developing your wisdom potential in a healthy loving way.

Lesson 2 – Awakening: Learn about the qualities and powers of Consciousness and gain insight through direct experience what the Awakening process is all about. Peel of and purify the layers in your consciousness that stagnate your personal development and spiritual growth. Unmask, reveal and dissolve restrictive belief systems and old encodings. Explore the boundaries of your comfort-zone and receive the support to dive beyond. Learn about the process of initiation through the learning opportunities presented to you by Life on a daily basis and through your relationship with people and with Nature.

Lesson 3 – Embodiment: Ground, deepen and embody what you have learned through the earlier lessons. Develop a conscious relationship with your body and the many wisdom potentials it offers you. Learn how to stand purposefully in your place within the Circle of Life. Learn about the feminine and masculine principles and qualities and how they are interdependent and form the basis for conscious co-creation.

Lesson 4 – Ecological Living: Learn how to work with key ecological principles and our planetary wisdoms. Discover how to live in a balanced way with respect and care for our planet. Learn about deeper ecological issues and their causes, and why this is now impacting on our planetary support systems and the future generations. Gain a more full appreciation and understanding of the planetary changes now unfolding and those that may occur in the future and what that means for each of us.

Lesson 5 – The Call: Become aware of the unseen and invisible dimensions of Life. Learn about the Wisdom principles that guide the unfolding of the evolutionary process of Life. Learn which kinds of questions can catalyse our further awakening to hear the Call. Become the Dreamer and discover what Dreaming you are part of or help to manifest. In this final lesson you will integrate all that you learned through the previous lessons and how to use this as an authentic wisdom foundation for your daily life.

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