Feminine Wisdom Intensives


“She nurtures in silence, loves with such a love that the world is changed through her softly, in a way that seems invisible, yet shakes life in the world to its core.

She is an ocean of transformative power. She carries the divine Essence in every cell of her body, in the very substance of herself.” – Sandy Wolk



Have you ever connected with your womb as a source of wisdom and strength? Have you ever wondered what the moon has to do with the female menstrual cycle? Or how you can attune to the rhythms of your body wisdom and natural cycles from ovulation, to menstruation to menopause and beyond? Did you know that changes in your natural body rhythms and cycles can be used as a great resource and strength for dreaming, renewal and inspiration? Could pain in your body during those times and transitions be a message to connect deeper? Have you experienced how each cycle and transition in your womanhood is also a personal rite of passage, a deeper initiation into your feminine wisdom? Do you know how to draw strength and support during those times from Mother Earth and the ancient feminine wisdoms? Are you connected with the deeper wisdom and purpose of your sexuality, and do you know how to work with this sacred energy inside yourself for your enlightenment and personal growth?

For many women, and especially those from Western cultures, these vital understandings and practices have been lost. As such many women are also not able to empower their children with a fuller understanding of their body wisdom and sexuality. Instead many women fear or dislike their natural cycles, fear their sexuality, and resent growing older and moving through menopause. It does not need to be this way. Our female bodies are beautifully designed to harmonise with Nature and the alchemy of our bodies is meant to empower our personal and spiritual development in such a way that this enriches all our relationships.

This feminine wisdom intensive provides a wonderful safe support system from where to experience the answers to these fundamental questions. It also provides the opportunity to stop, pause, reflect, go within, revitalise, and connect with your inner Dreaming and deeper Vision for your life by reconnecting with these wisdoms inside yourself and in contact with Mother Earth. By giving yourself this gift, this will also enrich what you are able to pass on to the children. And for mothers with boys, these insights into our feminine wisdom and our sexuality are just as essential, since feminine wisdom does not just belong to women, it belongs to men as well.



The Feminine Wisdom Intensives are facilitated by Anneloes Smitsman and Justine Page in Mauritius and Amanda Caza in the United Kingdom. They are deeply committed to empowering women, and to support a balancing in our world by sharing the feminine wisdoms and their practical applications in our daily life and relationships.


This intensive will be held in the beginning of 2016 in Mauritius and the United Kingdom, and will be repeated throughout the year. This intensive can also be made available in other countries, depending on requests. The intensive is available in two different formats:

  • Retreat of 2 1/2 days – beginning on a Friday at 4pm and completing on a Sunday at 4pm.
  • 2 day Workshop from 9am-4pm.

For more information get in touch with us via the contact form below. A more detailed programme will be posted here soon, with an overview of costs, dates and venue.

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